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Expand your team across the globe with Brix's algorithm-powered remote talent acquisition and AI-driven management system.


Your ideas are unlimited. So is our talent pool.

Get instant access to talent from around the world without leaving your desk.


Assemble your remote team of global specialists

Pre-vetted Talent Pool

Choose from a pool of 2000+ developers who have successfully passed our Brix Coding Test and prescreening interviews by our interview committee.

Hassle-free Legal & Payroll Support

Brix has partnered with professional law firms and payroll providers to enable you to hire talent in as short as one week.

Data-driven Management System

Track all activities in real-time through our Brix Dashboard and see all logged working hours. Brix also provides complimentary performance analysis reports on a weekly basis.

Why should Brix be your go-to platform for remote engineering teams?

Instant Hiring
No Liability
Humans make mistakes,
Algorithm make
Data-driven Performance

Instant Hiring

A pre-screened pool of 2000+ developers with experience in 30+ technology stacks and who individually average 5+ years of experience. Each candidate takes a (4) hour Brix code test and is interviewed by subject-matter expert peers. Open to part-time, full-time, or contingency consultant roles.

No Liability Recruiting

Take out the stress of the hiring process. Brix will handle all payroll, tax, and legal needs when hiring through Brix. We’ve partnered with professional law firms and payroll providers so you don’t have to.

Humans make mistakes, Algorithm make break-throughs

Our AI-based project-matching algorithm searches through all our developers and brings you the most qualified candidates in half the time of traditional recruitment. Majority of talent on our platform are from Canada, China, India, Ukraine, etc., but with prior experiences working at big names such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and are now open to remote roles. The average cost of talent on our platform is 1/3 of an average silicon valley engineer with similar experience.

Data-driven Performance Management

Track your external teams activities with our integrated tool, communicate directly with your team members through our built-in chat system, and manage the teams performance in real-time with our Brix Dashboard.

How much will you save by using a
Brix senior developer

Same quality, lower price
Saving 65% immediately with Brix
Saving $101,760 in first year

  • Recruitment and
  • Annual Salary
  • Management Overhead
  • Cost of Turnover
  • Payroll & Benefits
  • In-house

  • $22,562
  • $132,145
  • $6,125
  • $5,285
  • About 29% of Annual

  • Headhunter

  • $31,970
  • $132,145
  • $6,125
  • $5000
  • About 29% of Annual

  • Free
  • $50/Hour
  • Free
  • Free
  • Up to 10% Based on

Meet our talents

How it works


Search for talent

After signing up, you will fill out a talent request form. We will then provide you with a list of up to 5 top engineer candidates who meet your requirements within 48 hours. You will have access to the candidates’ full profile and schedule interviews with them accordingly.


Select your service package

Choose from our (3) service packages based on your needs: 20hrs per week, 40hrs per week, and 40hrs per week at a remote office provided by Brix. Successfully hired candidates can start working within 7 days.


Keep track of teams performance

Brix will provide a comprehensive team performance analysis report and a breakdown of each individual's productivity on a weekly basis.


Build your long-term talent pool with Brix

If you are satisfied with talent on our platform and would like to explore long-term engagements (at least 12 months) with certain candidates, we are here to assist you with the next steps.

Brix Reliability

We’ve utilized our vetting process and platform to build over 30 successful products and have saved customers over $950k in development costs.

Legal Partnerships

We have partnered with one of the largest legal offices in the world to protect you from labor disputes, payroll issues, IT theft, and safeguarding your intellectual property. Brix’s legal support is unmatched and one of the unique benefits you receive when partnering with us. Brix gives our clients the confidence to build an exceptional, secure, remote team at a fraction of the cost..

Remote Team Management Support

Once you’ve made your first hire, we can set up the remote Brix office for your team.This allows you to stay connected to your team no matter where they are. Brix's in-house application, DeepM, reimagines communication and team management. Understand your team better than they understand themselves!

AI-powered Matching

Instead of evaluating endless CV’s and relying on an outdated ATS, Brix screens talent by reviewing resumes, sending invitations to our code test, and conducting subject-matter expert interviews before having the ability to work with any customer through Brix. We only accept and promote the top 5% of talent in their fields.

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